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2019 INSTAR Roadmap (Q 1/2)

Insights Network is Growing!

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2019 INSTAR Roadmap (Q 1/2)

Insights Network is Growing!

Today, we celebrate our 1 millionth survey question answered by Insights Network data providers by publishing our Q1/2 2019 Roadmap.

Our first few months of the public beta have been very productive. We’ve received valuable feedback from the community as we continue to develop and grow our blockchain-based market research and data exchange network. The platform is experiencing traction and we have achieved a major milestone of generating 1 million survey question responses. Please enjoy reading about some of the upcoming milestones that we plan to release over the next few months below!

INSTAR Q1/2 2019 Roadmap

We’re proud to release our roadmap for Q1/Q2 of 2019. We’re entering the most exciting time of the Insights Network project so far. Currently, our network is experiencing rapid adoption as we focus on growth in emerging markets, and climb into the top 15k trafficked websites in the Philippines according to Alexa.

Paid survey buyer groups are currently being on-boarded to the Insights Network to provide users with 24/7 paid survey opportunities. This means real monetization of the Insights Network is being observed - with the network providers receiving an INSTAR token payment for each completed data exchange they participate in. Doing so makes INSTAR one of the very first cryptocurrencies with real world utility. Additional use cases for the INSTAR token will flourish as we get closer to our Block producer/DataNode elections.

In the last month, we have experienced a four times growth multiple of website events occurring on

Focusing On Emerging Markets

Insights Network is focused on emerging markets, with our top 4 growth markets currently being Russia and Brazil (BRICS Nations), Turkey, and the Philippines.

Emerging markets are the most important in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space because this technology can make a significant difference in places where the economic infrastructure is fractured and access to global markets and banking is blocked.

Thanks to blockchain/cryptocurrency technology built by the Insights Network — The lives of the providers in emerging markets who are earning cryptocurrency by completing data exchange activities are being improved. For example, the average monthly wage of an individual in the Philippines and Brazil can be between $300-$600/month. By remitting micropayments in the form of cryptocurrency, providers from emerging markets can be paid instantly for their contributions to the network. Big brands and research firms are provided a new access channel to learn about these emerging markets and connect directly with our users — rewarding them for participating in their market research on the Insights Network platform. Insights Network users are already earning an additional $40-$60/month completing tasks at, which creates a 10–20% monthly income increase for these individuals.

Up Next

End to end encrypted messaging is being tested on INSTAR Wallet on Google Play. The launch of this feature allows mobile users to send fully encrypted messages to friends — including transferring INSTAR tokens to friends in the form of a message. This viral feature is sure to contribute to an explosion in mobile growth. Insights Network is proud to bolster our privacy-preserving brand by offering 100% secure messaging for our users. As brands such as Facebook and Google fail to convince their users they have their best interests in mind — the Insights Network continues to deliver features that preserve the privacy of our users while also providing monetization opportunities that are traditionally swallowed up by the corporation.

Paid Location Data Exchange is also currently in testing and launching in the next month or two. This feature will allow Insights Network mobile users to earn a daily payout in INSTAR tokens for providing location data to the Network. Brands and advertisers are lining up to purchase this data directly from our users in a consensual, transparent exchange.

Out of wallet token transferability is on the horizon. Soon, users will be able to transfer their tokens freely outside of InstarWallet.

Insights Network’s Enterprise Blockchain Solution has obtained it’s first paid client, who will be using our SAAS product to conduct market research amongst their own audience, which will add transactions to the public INSTAR Blockchain, and provide an additional revenue stream to the Insights Network, helping to further fuel development.

Token Migration

An internal audit of the INSTAR token migration software is nearing completion. We’re aiming to begin token migration on May 1. Further instructions will be detailed in another blog post. The token migration will be a very simple process. All the user will have to do is create a transaction on MyEtherWallet pairing their Ethereum Address holding their INSTAR tokens to their INSTAR Wallet public key.

Thank you all for reading and your constant support of our journey. The more we grow the stronger we become. We encourage all INSTAR Community Members to help spread the Insights Network mission and with friends.

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