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Automating and Tokenizing Everything

As we rapidly enter the age of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics our world is being automated and streamlined around data driven systems…

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As we rapidly enter the age of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics our world is being automated and streamlined around data driven systems that are disrupting (replacing) our traditional post industrial revolution infrastructure and economy. When the Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computers begin working and directing themselves the efficiency of these new systems will dwarf current human capabilities. Rather than rely on human output, the artificial intelligence will command it’s fleet of robotic machines to produce the desired outcome at 1,000 times the pace for 1,000 times less the cost.

The trillion dollar question that remains unanswered is what will happen to all of our jobs and the incomes we rely on? The answer is simple and undeniable — most of them will disappear. But don’t freak out! There is a phenomenon occurring simultaneously that couples “automation” with “tokenization”. This opportunity, if executed properly, could be the answer to peace, prosperity, and freedom for humanity in the age of A.I.

The Tokenization of Everything

In this post, the word “token” refers to a cryptocurrency based on a software protocol developed for a specific purpose to fuel a network effect. In the past year, cryptocurrencies have grown at exponential rates that have most traditional economists along with the mainstream dying dinosaur media concerned there is a dangerous bubble forming and that the market could collapse at any moment. And collapse it may…there will be big ups and even harder downs…but there is no stopping the decentralized internet movement. The software is open source and the tokens being developed around thousands of different protocols create a tribal culture that is the most important and least understood part of this phenomenon. You see, this open source and unregulated market allows anyone to participate. Incentives can be built into the protocol for contributors to the network to earn tokens in the ecosystem they’re helping to build. If an individual doesn’t have software engineering skills, but is passionate about the project, they may buy tokens to use in the network or trade outside of it. This brings together groups of thousands of individuals from around the world into 21st century tribal regimes that live and work together in open group messaging platforms like Telegram or Slack. Together, these groups strategize about the future, receive updates from the core development teams of the projects, or just “hangout” and chat about whatever is happening.

Insights Network Use Case — How Automation Coupled With Tokenization can create basic universal income

We’re seeing a decentralized, blockchain technology protocol being built for just about everything imaginable, from real estate land title rights, decentralized, sound money like bitcoin, software operating systems engineers can build on top of like Ethereum, or a protocol to automate and monetize the data we produce everyday, like the Insights Network.

Building a protocol to reward every man, woman and child in the world who uses the internet for the data they produce; This is our mission at the Insights Network. In today’s system, the data we generate is collected and centrally stored by data brokers and large corporations and sold unbeknownst to most of us. These Corporations generate over $200 billion a year while we, the creators of the data, receive nothing. In this process, our privacy is also violated as our personal information and behavioral habits is collected, stored, and sold. This data includes everything from our purchasing habits, eating habits, income levels, home values, and reaches as far and wide as the mind can imagine. This traditional model of central control, profit, and human exploitation is the driver of the tribal culture forming around decentralized internet protocols.

Our Project: How does Insights Work?

The Insights Network is a blockchain based data exchange that allows individuals to manage and monetize the data they create in a liquid, real time data marketplace. This marketplace exists on top of the Insights Network protocol built on top of the EOS blockchain and is fueled by our “INSTAR” token.

Our data is already constantly tracked in real time. Applications on your iPhone monitor how many steps you take each day, GPS coordinates are coded into every photo you’ve taken on your smartphone, your heart rate is measured by your fit bit, and what time you eat and how much you spent at the restaurant or grocery store is saved in your credit card records forever. Insights is building applications that bring this data into the network and allow it to be monetized anonymously. Our first data application is already in beta testing in the iOS store and receiving thousands of transactions per day, creating small amounts of additional income for thousands of users who are providing receipt data, and taking surveys from data requesters. We will talk more about our proof of concept in an upcoming post.

In the meantime, please read our whitepaper for more information on the technology we’re building. You can access the whitepaper by visiting our website,

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