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Brexit Survey Reveals Over Half Polled Support Boris Johnson and No-Deal

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Brexit Survey Reveals Over Half Polled Support Boris Johnson and No-Deal

Interested in creating your own blockchain-based surveys? Get started with our Requester Dashboard in minutes!

A recent Brexit Survey conducted by Insights Network revealed the general feeling of European citizens towards Brexit.

The decision by Britain to leave the EU left the world in shock. Many could not fathom an EU with Britain. However, within the country, there were strong hints of a leave vote.

After announcing the results, Britain was left with only two options of leaving the EU, a no-deal Brexit or an elaborate agreement of the dealings between Britain, the EU and its member state post Brexit.

Britain’s lawmakers have failed, since then, to come up with a compromise that would please both the EU and Britain.

Considering the timeline before Brexit is in effect and the processes required in drafting a concrete deal, there is a higher chance that Britain will leave the EU with no deal. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, the no-deal exit is a choice preferred by the majority of Brits, according to the poll.

Key Metrics and Demographics

The Brexit survey attracted a total of 4,852 KYC-verified respondents who were all from Europe. From the respondents, a total of 38,816 unique responses were obtained. Here are some key highlights:

  • Total number of participants: 4,852
  • Total number of questions asked: 8
  • Total number of unique answers: 38,816
  • Total number of countries participated: 7

Survey Questions

The survey questions were guided by the objective of the poll, which was to determine the general feeling of the country towards Brexit as the deadline approaches.

The sequence of the questions methodical to aid in the production of a comprehensive report based on the results obtained.

Key Insight- Most See The British Government As Responsible For The Deadlock

The results from the leading question reveal a public that is keenly following the Brexit proceedings.

From the results, it is expected that more than half of the participants are giving responses from a knowledgeable point, provided more than half follow every piece of news on Brexit.

Following the misinformation relayed during the EU referendum campaigns, the public was expected to comb through Brexit information keenly. The results obtained are, therefore expected.

Despite the coverage Brexit receives, not everyone knows about its proceedings. This may be disastrous to a section of the public when Britain finally leaves the EU.

Concerning the blame game…

More than half of the respondents surveyed believe that the British government is mostly to blame for the current Brexit conundrum.

There appears to be a strategy the British government is following concerning Brexit. If there is a plan, then its implementation is not up to public standards as most believe that the government lacks a clear strategy.

Further damaging its reputation is the length and sometimes drama-filled parliament sessions that bear no fruit.

It is upon the government to declare the direction it is taking and inform the public of any changes it makes.

The media and the public, those who voted to leave the EU, are also blamed for the current Brexit situation.

Media houses play the crucial role of relaying the truth concerning any story, including a “no-deal” Brexit and a “yes-deal” Brexit. Their reporting influences the thinking of the country. This could be why some believe they are to be blamed.

There is also a section of the respondents that believe the EU is to be blamed for the Brexit problems.

Boris Johnson is a known “no-deal” proponent. He is actively pursuing various courses of action that would see Britain leave the EU without a deal. The fact that more than half of the respondents believe that he is the right person to lead the UK shows that the British are ready to leave the EU without a deal.

Further strengthening the “no-deal” narrative are the results showing that a majority would vote for pro “no-deal” parties were general elections to be held. The Brexit party and the conservative party are likely to form a “no-deal” majority if general elections are held.

The UK voted to leave the EU, and now, it is ready to leave the EU even with no deal.

We’re excited to share more research results, and upcoming product releases with our community as well as a growing audience of early cryptocurrency adopters across the globe. Thanks for reading and your constant support of our journey!

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