Insights Network Community Update: Requester Dashboard, INSTAR Wallet V1.1

Dear Insights Network Community,

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Dear Insights Network Community,

April has been a jam packed month and we are happy to share some exciting new project updates with you!

Our Requester Dashboard on web is now live! INSTAR Wallet 1.1 has been released on Google Play and is also now available for early access and beta testing by Insights Network community members for iOS on TestFlight. We’re also excited to announce that you can now earn INSTAR for participating in surveys and community voting. Our EOS blockchain Data Exchange smart contract is complete and will be open sourced and deployed after the launch of the main net. We’ve also released a new website which will continue to be updated.

INSTAR Wallet 1.1

We encourage all Android users to download the updated INSTAR Wallet 1.1 for Android on Google Play.

INSTAR Wallet for iOS is also available for early access and beta testing from community members.

If you would like to receive early access to INSTAR Wallet 1.1 for iOS please share your email address with us here.

We look forward to hearing direct feedback from early community members as we gear up to release INSTAR Wallet 1.2.

Requester Dashboard

You are now able to utilize the Requester Dashboard and place your own requests for data using INSTAR tokens. Access the Requester Dashboard to place a test survey by going to Requesters.Insights.Network.

Took a look at the screenshots below for a brief tutorial on using the Requester Dashboard.

Sign Up or Login with your INSTAR Wallet profile login credentials:

Create Requester Profile: Your Requester profile will display in the INSTAR Wallet. When you post a survey, or static data request, your profile will be visible as the requesting party and data providers will be able to rate you based on their experience participating in your activities.

Create New Activity:

Fund Survey: Once you’ve created your survey, fund your survey contract by sending INSTAR tokens to the contract address provided. During our public beta, we are only using our InsightsNetwork.ETH domain to fund surveys and we will manually approve each survey before listing in the app.

Our EOS blockchain Data Exchange smart contract is complete and will be deployed after the launch of the main net. Each survey and data request will generate a unique contract for the requesting party and providers and automate the exchange in a decentralized fashion.

EOS Development Update & Token Migration

With the EOS main net launch just over one month away, we’ve seen the interest and excitement surrounding the EOS blockchain significantly increase. We’re extremely proud to be one of the first EOS blockchain dApps launching shortly after the main net. Assuming the main net launch is stable and goes according to plan, we will begin to migrate our ERC-20 token. This will make the INSTAR token one of the first EOS tokens to ever be live and usable with our requester dashboard and INSTAR wallet. We are also preparing exchanges in advance of the EOS main net launch to list the official INSTAR token after the migration. Instructions regarding token migration will be delivered towards the end of May.

Community Competition

Make sure to vote for the winner of our first Community Competition on our app to earn tokens! When you open the INSTAR Wallet, the community competition vote will be the first available activity. The vote will remain open and the winner will be announced on May 15th. Thanks to everyone who participated. Please see the finalists below:

Help us Get on Bibox

INSTAR has also been selected as one out of eight tokens for this month’s Bibox Voting For Token Listing and we need your help!

These are indeed exciting times for us at Insights Network and we’re thankful to have you with us on this journey.

Looking forward,

Team Insights


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