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Insights Network Welcomes Chandler Guo as Advisor!

Dear Insights Network,

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Insights Network Welcomes Chandler Guo as Advisor!

Dear Insights Network,

Today, we’re proud to share another groundbreaking advancement for the Insights Network! Chandler Guo, and his business partner, Kenzie Wang, have officially joined the Insights Network community as advisors to the project, focusing on our expansion into the Chinese and greater Asian market.

Chandler is a pioneer of the Blockchain Technology Industry with one of — if not the most — credentialed resumes. As one of China’s Blockchain Tycoons, Chandler was previously one of the largest Bitcoin miners in the world, has purchased network tokens at the earliest stage of leading Blockchain Technology projects such as Ethereum, NEO, Tron, Qtum, and is an investor in Binance, Huobi, and

Check out this behind the scenes video interview from one of Chandler’s bitcoin mines where he also speaks about his philosophy surrounding the underlying blockchain technology behind bitcoin.

The concept of privacy rights and owning your data is going viral in China right now. Today, March 5, 2018, alongside Chandler and Kenzie, we’re in China for a 5 city tour of China’s cutting edge technology sectors to spread the message of the Insights Network. Kenzie is a marketing expert who has been involved in Blockchain marketing in the Chinese market for years. He will launch our Chinese community channel on WeChat and has lined up a full schedule of press articles, interviews, and partnership meetings with Chinese companies and Chinese exchanges in each city.

Tour Schedule:

March 5–6: Shenzhen

March 7–8: Xiamen

March 9–11: Hangzhou

March 12–14: Shanghai

March 15–17: Beijing

We will continue to update the blog as we progress through each city.


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