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Visit Platform & Big Data Protocol Enable Mutually Beneficial Data Exchange for Online Surveys and In-Store Shopping and Dining Experiences

3 min read & Big Data Protocol Enable Mutually Beneficial Data Exchange for Online Surveys and In-Store Shopping and Dining Experiences

Insights Network (INSTAR) and Big Data Protocol (BDP) unite to enable the mutually beneficial data exchange of online survey results and shopping + dining receipts with customer feedback attached to reduce dependency on legacy data brokers

Dear Instars Community,

Today, we're happy to announce a strategic collaboration with Big Data Protocol. This collaboration enables mutually beneficial data exchange with blockchain verifiable records of consent for increased transparency between data requesters and data providers while reducing the dependency on legacy data brokers.

Our teams have been working closely over the past few months on dissecting online survey results along with the growing number of shopping and dining receipts data with in store customer feedback attached that's received from the global community with kyc verified participants in 166 countries.  

The team at Big Data Protocol has extensive experience in pioneering the market research industry while working on Amass Insights for the past decade. Their expertise and knowledge of the market research industry is vast when it comes to collecting and selling receipt data, building data marketplaces, etc.

Together, we're developing new era market research strategies powered by blockchain that benefits both individuals and organizations who seek to monetize their data and data requesters who seek to purchase datasets in a more direct and transparent way.

Receipt dataset with in store feedback from on BPD

This receipt dataset sample includes high resolution photos of receipts captured by KYC verified users with their demographic info and is paired with OCR receipt data and customer feedback attached from restaurants including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jollibee, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, and more. Each data exchange was fueled by INSTAR tokens and includes a transaction with a record of consent and payment for verification on public blockchain.

How it works

Big Data Protocol IDO-10 drops today, Thurs July 15 @ 9a US Eastern / 1p UTC. and includes point-of-sale data from receipts & OCR feedback. Visit the BDP Marketplace at for more information.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build the future of mutually beneficial data exchange and beyond!


Team Instars

About Big Data Protocol (BDP)

Big Data Protocol is a DeFi protocol powering a Web3 data marketplace. The Protocol tokenizes commercially valuable data through a network of over 15,000 professional data providers and makes the data token liquid on Uniswap. Users earn data by providing liquidity to data tokens.

The Protocol has a vast existing ecosystem of professional data providers by leveraging Amass Insights, founded in 2015 by our co-founders, Jordan Hauer & Mark Donovick. Amass Insights connects 15,103 data providers with over 10,000 investment professionals who leverage data , who are primarily operating in the capital markets.

About INSTAR 💫

INSTAR is the native cryptocurrency that powers In today’s crypto world, INSTAR is one of the first and only cryptocurrencies with real world token utility and growing adoption. To date, INSTAR has already been paid out to over 200,000 people across 166 countries for consensual data exchange.

Learn about the growing INSTAR token utility and the best ways to get, use, and store your Instar tokens!

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