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πŸ“‘ Calling Influencers: Join Instars New Influencers Program with Instar Token Grants!

3 min read
πŸ“‘ Calling Influencers: Join Instars New Influencers Program with Instar Token Grants!

Join Instars and apply to receive an instar token grant, free swag, and exclusive benefits with the new Influencers Incentives Program!

Today, we're excited to announce a new Instars Influencers Incentives program with tokenized grants for influencers in an effort to increase our growth and align the interests of the Instars Community with influencers around the globe!

Whether you're an influencer with a big audience or just getting started and interested in joining us on our mission of advancing mutually beneficial data exchange to the next levels please fill out this form!

Accepted influencers will receive an instar token grant, free swag, and exclusive benefits with the new Influencers Incentives Program!


For years the social networking and data industries have been completely broken. Big tech giants and abusive central authorities are intrusive and have been flourishing with an outdated business model that allows them to invade privacy and hoard the majority of the massive billions of dollars in online ad revenues each year gained by targeting and selling data at the expense of their users.

Unlike traditional social networks like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. that have gained a negative reputation over the past decade for abusive practices, Instars community members own and control their personal data and earn cryptocurrency for opting in to consensual data exchange such as viewing ads and participating in online surveys while engaging and creating quality content.

Instars community members own portions of the total 300,000,000 maximum INSTAR Tokens supply which they can earn or buy and use in a growing number of ways. Instead of tech giants like Facebook and Google receiving all of the profits from a successful network, Instars community members earn the majority of all survey and ad spend on the platform which is paid instantly in INSTAR. Tokens can be tipped to show love for quality content and transferred between individuals with zero fees within seconds. Community members who hold INSTAR tokens have a common interest to work together to grow and add value to the platform and can benefit from the potential success of the network over time!

There are no monthly or recurring fees on Instars like traditional social networking websites such as LinkedIn that not only doesn't share ad revenues with users but also charges them up to $120 a month for premium features. Holding different amounts of INSTAR unlocks a growing number of premium features, perks, and benefits. For example, all Instars community members with 250 INSTAR tokens receive a special πŸ’« Β status symbol next to their usernames. Instars members who hold 1,000 INSTAR tokens receive free unlimited access to Instars Survey Software and can increase their earnings on the platform when inviting friends and participating in consensual data exchange. Stay tuned for more benefits!

Apply Now: Instars Influencers Incentives Program

Instars Influencers applications are now open and we encourage all influencers down for the mission to create a profile, begin posting, apply for an Instars Influencer Token Grant, and share feedback with our team to help us create the best experience possible for our community and influencers around the globe. Β 

Thank you,

Team Instars

About INSTAR πŸ’«

INSTAR is the native cryptocurrency that powers the INSTAR Blockchain. In today’s crypto world, INSTAR is one of the first and only cryptocurrencies with real world token utility and growing adoption. To date, INSTAR has already been paid out to over 200,000 people across 166 countries for consensual data exchange.

Learn about the growing INSTAR token utility and the best ways to get, use, and store your Instar tokens!

Join Instars Data Pools

Join Instars Data Pools with dedicated Instars Community members with similar network stakes to increase your earnings and become eligible for exclusive benefits!

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Say goodbye to monthly recurring survey software fees. Only Instars delivers blockchain powered surveys with best in class private data, instant payments, and 1.615% APR. Just stake 1,000 INSTAR as fully refundable collateral on!


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