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INSTARWALLET  — Account Verification Process (KYC)

Learn how to complete the KYC account verification process for in this post!

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INSTARWALLET  — Account Verification Process (KYC)

Learn how to complete the KYC account verification process for in this post!

The following post will clearly detail the steps needed to quickly and efficiently submit the correct information required for the INSTAR Wallet platform and to pass the KYC verification process.

Upon completion of the process, verified users will be able to participate in daily surveys and other activities.

To begin KYC verification, please visit to log in or create a new account and then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Log in then head over to to begin the verification process.

Step 2. Select your gender and press continue.

Step 3. Click “Start” to begin the ID verification process.

Step 4. On top right-hand corner, choose ‘issuing country, eg the United Kingdom’ and your ID type.

  1. For every option, you can choose to either ‘capture image with your device’ or ‘upload file from your device
  2. Please choose the correct option

NOTE — All images must be clear with no distortion. There also cannot be any difficulty in viewing the face and document ID numbers. Failure to do so could result in KYC being rejected.

Step 5. Capture a clear photo or upload a clear image of your face in JPG or PNG format only.

Step 6. Capture a clear photo of your passport, face, the date, and written on a piece of paper.


  1. Once relevant documents have been submitted and transmitted to servers, the process has been completed on your end.
  2. Please check for a confirmation email once approved for participation in the Insights Network Data Exchange


You have now successfully completed the INSTAR Wallet KYC Procedure and are now eligible to participate in the great ecosystem of the platform. Get started on


If for some reason you have been rejected please send a message to our support desk

Thanks for reading and your constant support of our journey!



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