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Six New Companies Piloting the Insights Network Requester Dashboard

Dear Insights Network Community,

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Six New Companies Piloting the Insights Network Requester Dashboard

Dear Insights Network Community,

Insights Network is excited to announce six new pilot programs from notable companies in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space — including WAX, Everipedia, Swytch, Rivetz and Sustany — along with First Orion, the leader in phone call transparency solutions.

These companies are piloting the Insights Network requester dashboard to gain valuable market insights. The ability to target a global, crypto-savvy audience through the INSTAR Wallet is a great opportunity for companies in the blockchain technology space to be an early adopter of our platform.

First Orion’s pilot, the first of the batch to go live, is already yielding impressive response numbers. Without any publicity or outbound communications to the Insights Network Community, over 600 international respondents that match the targeting criteria set by First Orion have participated. As we publicize the availability of the new surveys to the Insights Network community, we expect each of these survey requests to generate thousands of responses providing the requesters with a complete survey sample.

Cost Benefit Analysis Vs. Centralized Online Survey Sample Company

In comparison to a current centralized online survey sample marketplace, the cost to complete the same survey as First Orion with 1,000 international respondents is about $2,500 ($2.5 / person). In comparison, using Insights Network’s Instar Wallet, the total $USD cost for First Orion to receive 1,000 responses is about $80 (97% cost savings!).

Beyond cost, the quality of the data in the Insights Network far exceeds the quality produced by the traditional centralized data broker. Most data brokers rely on information scraped from other sources or input by a user with limited data validation. Every user in the Insights Network is KYC approved and a trusted participant in the network. This gives a data requester participant a much greater assurance they’re receiving real feedback from real people.

This real-life working example demonstrates a very simple use case and value proposition for decentralized blockchain technologies and token based economies. Marketplaces such as the Insights Network enable supply and demand economies to interact with each other directly, whereas the demand side (data requesters) is afforded massive cost savings by the removal of the bloated middleman bureaucracy associated with centralized institutions, and the supply side (data providers) maintain ownership over their data and receive an instant, irreversible compensation for the value they supply.

If you’re an individual or organization interested in placing a survey in the INSTAR Wallet please reach out to us directly at [email protected].

Hong Kong Community Meet Up

We’re excited to participate in the EOS Global Hackathon in Hong Kong this weekend! Join us afterwards on Monday, June 11th for our first ever Community Meet up.

Download the most recent INSTAR Wallet

Make sure to download the most recent version of the INSTAR Wallet on Android and iOS if you haven’t already.

We appreciate the continued support from all Insights Network Community Members. Stay tuned for our next update!


Team Insights


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