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The INSTAR Blockchain 1.0

Dear INSTAR Community,

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The INSTAR Blockchain 1.0

Dear INSTAR Community,

As we complete Q3 of 2018, we’re proud to announce several major advancements. Our most important announcement is that Insights Network is launching it’s own blockchain that will be powered by INSTAR token holders.

The INSTAR Blockchain is launching and the INSTAR token will transition from an ERC-20 token to a fully functioning blockchain protocol token on the INSTAR Blockchain. We believe in order to be a truly legitimate cryptocurrency, a token must be more than an app coin. Therefore, today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the INSTAR Blockchain. As planned, we’re using EOS open source software, but have made some modifications in order to fit our community’s specific needs to scale our Data Marketplace and beyond.

First and foremost, we will be able to offer free account creation for all users, with the ability to scale the INSTAR Wallet and any other application deployed to our blockchain to millions of users. Following the successful INSTAR token migration during Q4, we will release the nodes to future INSTAR block producers. This allows our community to be completely focused on our mission to secure our data and privacy. If you’re interested in being a block producer, please complete our block producer interest form.

This is great news for INSTAR token holders and the utility of the INSTAR token. Our mission is to build blockchain infrastructure that secures our data on the Internet and empowers every internet user to own the data they create. The debut of the INSTAR Blockchain marks the starting point for our community to begin using the first application, the INSTAR Wallet, to secure and monetize your data. Here is a video of the working INSTAR Wallet powered by our blockchain:

Smart Contracts on our blockchain are powered by INSTAR tokens and developers building privacy focused applications will have the ability to work with some of our SMPC software protocols. Insights Network will release details on the bounty program for developers who want to build applications on our blockchain during Q4. For more details on the blockchain and the new use cases of the INSTAR token, make sure to check out our new website here:

The INSTAR ERC-20 contract will freeze in November and users will be able to register their Ethereum address holding their INSTAR. A separate post with detailed instructions will be published — no action needs to be taken at this time.

We’re also excited to roll out the new INSTAR Wallet 1.0 and Android 2.0 alongside the INSTAR Blockchain within the coming weeks. According to Blocktivity, our successful release will make us a top 20 Blockchain by daily transaction volume as well as an industry leader in business and consumer friendly products. Take a few minutes to watch our working product in action below!

Additionally, we’re happy to share the 2018 INSTAR Q4 Roadmap. Read our post about it here.

INSTAR 2018 Q4 Rollout Plan:


  • INSTAR Token Migration — Free Account Creation!
  • Token Transferability Begins


  • Launch of INSTAR Wallet 1.0 and Android 2.0
  • Launch of INSTAR Blockchain — Genesis Nodes
  • INSTAR Blockchain Explorer — Powered by Insights Network
  • Requester Dashboard with Insights KYC Marketplace (Polls, Surveys, Insights Alerts, Microtasks, Crowdsale Registration and More)
  • Price Watch and DataPools
  • Ongoing Testing and Optimization
  • Block Producer Network — Decentralization Powered by Insights Network Community


  • Release New Website (now live)
  • Bounty Program (now live)
  • Referral Campaign
  • Instar Cold Storage Wallet Integration
  • Insights Research & Learning Lab
  • Release of 2019 Roadmap

Thanks to all early INSTAR community members for your continued support as we continue our work to bring digital currency and blockchain technology to the masses. We will finish Q4 of 2018 strong in preparation for a groundbreaking 2019.


Team Instar


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