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How To Fund the INSTAR <> ETH Bridge

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How To Fund the INSTAR <> ETH Bridge

Dear Instars Community,

The INSTAR Bridge to Ethereum is live and running and has been since we launched it in October of 2020. Please read this previous blog post for more information and instructions on how to use the INSTAR Bridge.

Each time the bridge is used, gas is charged on the Ethereum smart contract. We’ve consistently funded the INSTAR Bridge transactions to date with our own ETH including all of the pending transactions from this week, but it is the users’ responsibility to fund the contract in order to use it. Please make yourself familiar with how to do this:

To Fund the INSTAR Bridge - please send a small amount of ETH to INSTAR<> ETH Smart contract wallet address on the Ethereum Mainnet before using it to ensure your transaction has enough gas to make it across. The address is:


We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing our many future updates.

Team Instars


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