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Instars Q4 2022 Vision and Roadmap Entering 2023 Roadmap: Prepare for Launch ๐Ÿš€

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Instars Q4 2022 Vision and Roadmap Entering 2023 Roadmap: Prepare for Launch ๐Ÿš€

Dear Instars Community,

Weโ€™ve been hard at work building our blockchain powered social, identity management, market research, and data exchange technology since 2017. Instars enters Q4 of 2022 in prime position to bring our highly scalable software to the masses in 2023 with the potential to benefit over a billion individuals over the next decade.

Our co-founder and CEO of Insights Network Brian Gallagher, is also a co-founder of Partisia Blockchain and has been working endless hours to strategically leverage our resources while keeping the team extremely lean and scrappy and preserving our operating and marketing budgets as we prepare to scale.

Here he was this past week on stage Singapore at Token2049 discussing TradeFi and Privacy-preserving DeFi solutions on blockchain.

Support of Partisia Blockchain and Partisia Wallet on

Over the next few months we will begin supporting Partisia Blockchain as well as integrating the Partisia Wallet into the Instars social data exchange. Weโ€™ll cover this in more detail in a future blog post.

Working with the Partisia Blockchain Foundation Team and History

Partisia Blockchain was founded shortly after Insights Network by the team members who published the original Insights Network Whitepaper along with best in class entrepreneurs, inventors, PhDs, and subject matter experts from companies including Partisia and Secata.

These industry leading inventions are the systems and technologies that weโ€™ve designed and used at Instars to preserve individuals' privacy in the first example of this on a social media application.

Partisia Blockchain has raised over $50M in funding and is supported by some of the most respected organizations, NGOโ€™s and blockchain foundations in the world including The Global Fund,, with recent partnerships with Polygon and Emurgo the founder of Cardano and many more.

Instars is a flagship application in the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem and weโ€™re building strategic relationships with the organizations that we meet and plan to work closely with to reach larger audiences by providing our blockchain powered, privacy preserving, social and data exchange technology for the greater good.

Insights Network US Patents Granted

Insights Network was recently granted two significant US patents covering identity management on blockchain for advertisement, social media, and market research and has a handful more in the final stages of review. Weโ€™ll cover the details more in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned.

INSTAR Roadmap Entering 2023 Roadmap: Prepare for Launch ๐Ÿš€

The upcoming tentative INSTAR Roadmap for the next 3-6 months includes the support of Partisia Blockchain and Partisia Wallet, new Instars social features, and a major 30M+ INSTAR token burn, as well as some exciting milestones which will be revealed when the time is right.

This is Just the Beginning for Instars

We look forward to finishing out this year strong and starting 2023 in the position to make it our best year yet. Thank you to all Instar Community Members for being with us and believing in us from the start. We also look forward to welcoming new members and quickly growing our community around the globe.

After just over five years since the release of the original Insights Network Whitepaper and all of the lessons learned along the way we feel extremely grateful and more motivated than ever to be here with the opportunity to make our great vision a reality.

This is just the beginning. Weโ€™re just getting started.

Prepare for launch! ๐Ÿš€

To the next level,

Team Instars


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