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INSTAR Staking Rewards Are Live! Stake Now To Earn Crypto & Access Blockchain Powered Survey Software For Free! 💫

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INSTAR Staking Rewards Are Live!  Stake Now To Earn Crypto & Access Blockchain Powered Survey Software For Free! 💫

INSTAR Staking Rewards are live with 3.23% annual interest and free access to blockchain powered survey software with our tokenized business model!

Dear INSTAR Community,

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of INSTAR Staking Rewards.  

What does this mean?

On a basic level it means that anyone can earn 3.23% interest on staked INSTAR over the next year by staking INSTAR tokens on or wallet solutions such as the Greymass Anchor Wallet.  A 50% decrease in staking rewards per year is programmed into the smart contract, making INSTAR more difficult to obtain as time goes on.

What else does this mean?

Survey creators can now access our blockchain powered survey software for free while also earning cryptocurrency rewards paid daily by staking INSTAR as refundable collateral with our new Stake for SaaS tokenized business model.  

"Stake for SaaS" Tokenized Business Model With Increased Token Utility

Staking for SaaS to access our blockchain powered survey software along with our fully functioning blockchain powered data exchange with over 200,000 KYC verified community members is one of the first examples of a tokenized business model and ecosystem that's working to disrupt a massive industry.

Blockchain technology allows us to create next level solutions and participate in a superior global market research network with increased transparency, more privacy, automated community member incentives, and at reduced cost vs legacy solutions (it actually pays you in daily crypto rewards) instead. This means that survey creators in the multi billion dollar a year online survey industry won't need to pay for high cost subscriptions on a recurring basis to use high quality survey software if they choose Instars.

Instead, online survey creators are able to stake tokens and receive free access to our growing suite of blockchain powered survey solutions while earning daily crypto rewards. This allows survey creators to come and go as they please without an expensive contract or recurring fees and do whatever they'd like with their tokens when they're not using them.

INSTAR has officially solidified its place as one of the most useful Utility tokens to ever be created.

Industry Leading Technology

We expect our blockchain powered software to exponentially deliver higher quality results at more affordable prices in comparison to industry leading survey giants such as Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey as we progress further into our development roadmap.

By using blockchain technology for online surveys with added privacy and cryptocurrency micropayments we're able to increase transparency, reduce costs, and automate processes that are currently flawed by outdated technologies and human error.

No longer will survey builders need to incur the extra time or expenses of sending gift cards in the mail or depend on high cost and centralized solutions like PayPal to reward survey respondents. Survey creators are now able to offer instant rewards with proof of payment in a growing number of cryptocurrencies including INSTAR, EOS, and DAI. *If you're an organization that's interested in custom blockchain powered survey solutions or support of another digital currency please send us an email to [email protected].

Increased Privacy Of  Sensitive Data

Our one time pad encryption ensures a best in class level of privacy for sensitive insights and data. This currently works with our flagship enterprise survey builder and blockchain powered data exchange and will be offered for additional use cases such as employee feedback, customer experience, and more in the future.

This means that the CEO and other executives from powerful survey software companies or anyone at Insights Network won't ever be able to see or pass along sensitive secrets or disclose valuable insights such as the current temperature within your organization or discreet feedback shared by employees and management teams.

This is extremely important when it comes to large organizations and private/publicly traded companies across countless business sectors. Private data is especially crucial in highly competitive industries such as travel with businesses such as hotels and airlines and financial industries including banks or crypto exchanges.

INSTAR Token Utility

With the release of INSTAR Staking Rewards and Staking For SaaS, INSTAR has officially solidified its place as one of the most useful utility tokens ever created!

See below for a few more examples of the growing INSTAR token utility

  • Facilitating consensual data exchange on with blockchain verifiable results between data requesters and our global kyc verified audience at a fraction of the cost of  industry leaders
  • Blockchain Governance - Voting for INSTAR Block Producers
  • Accessing advanced datasets - receipt data and community survey results
  • Providing blockchain developers with resources like CPU and RAM
  • Major gateway to blockchain technology by allowing people to earn free crypto
  • Fast and free peer to peer micropayments. With over 200,000 INSTAR token holders, we're one of the largest blockchain networks in the world!

What's Next?

  • Increased adoption and token utility
  • Experimenting with pricing and enterprise pilot programs
  • Feedback and improvements on our offerings
  • Unveiling of Insights Data Oracles: Bridging INSTAR Blockchain to a surprise new blockchain solution we've developed in stealth for the past two years.

Thanks for being with us on this journey and supporting us while we work to bring our vision of blockchain powered market research and data exchange to life. This is just the beginning!

To the next level,

Team Insights Network (INSTAR)


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