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INSTAR Blockchain Surpasses 100M Blocks 💫

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INSTAR Blockchain Surpasses 100M Blocks 💫

INSTAR Blockchain is one of the first public blockchains to successfully produce more than 100,000,000 blocks. We're just getting started!

Dear INSTAR Community,

We're happy to announce that INSTAR Blockchain has recently surpassed 100 million blocks. This is another major milestone that makes INSTAR one of the first public blockchains to do this. We'd like to thank the INSTAR Block Producers and everyone involved who has helped make this possible!

INSTAR Staking Rewards

Our team is currently in the final stages of testing INSTAR Staking Rewards with voting and cryptocurrency rewards paid on - stay tuned for more details with a full demo and tutorial.  

Blockchain Powered Survey Software

Additional updates have been made to our enterprise grade blockchain-powered survey software. Remember that you can stake 50,000 INSTAR for free access to the new privacy preserving survey builder that pays participants in cryptocurrency micropayments paid in INSTAR, EOS and DAI:

Our unique staking model 'Staking for SaaS' provides survey builders within the Insights Network ecosystem cryptocurrency rewards paid daily on their refundable collateral staked in addition to free survey software access.

Read more about our newly released blockchain powered survey builder here:

We appreciate the continuous support from the INSTAR Community as we work to build the future of blockchain-powered market research and data exchange.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Team Insights Network (INSTAR)


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