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INSTAR Staking Update 💫

2 min read
INSTAR Staking Update 💫

88 Million+ INSTAR is Currently Staked, Block Producer Voting on is live & INSTAR Staking Rewards are coming soon!

88 Million+ INSTAR tokens are currently staked - this is over 42% of the current circulating token supply!

INSTAR Staking rewards are coming by the end of Q2 as promised. In the meantime, you can stake and vote for INSTAR Block Producers on or GreyMass to vote for your favorite INSTAR BP's!

Just go to settings>resources>and stake your tokens to vote on

Additional updates have been made to our enterprise survey builder including the ability for requesters to survey your own panel with KYC verification. Remember that you can stake 50,000 INSTAR for free access to our survey builder that pays people with cryptocurrency micropayments in exchange for their survey responses:

Read more about our enterprise grade survey builder here:

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news!


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