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Instars Enterprise Survey Builder is Live! Stake For SaaS

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Instars Enterprise Survey Builder is Live! Stake For SaaS

Insights Network has officially launched our flagship, enterprise grade survey builder software for all! We're proud to pioneer the concept of "Staking for SaaS" and bring this additional utility to the INSTAR token. The way it works, is an INSTAR token holder can deposit 50,000 INSTAR tokens to their wallet as refundable collateral, and the Survey Your Own Panel feature is unlocked for unlimited use. When not using the product, a token holder can withdraw their tokens and use them however else they choose. For US citizens who are unable to purchase INSTAR tokens, we also offer a credit card payment option.

What sets Insights Network's enterprise survey builder apart from the legacy competition?

One Price - Unlimited Use: Legacy survey technology competitors provide pricing options that are rife with hidden fees and extra charges for high volume usage. Using Insights Network gets you unlimited use for a fixed, transparent price. Below, you can see the priced packages when using the credit card payment option.

Cryptocurrency Micropayments: Surveyors can now remit crypto micropayments to their audience as an incentive to complete surveys – driving engagement amongst an organization's customers, employees, or prospects. To date, survey industry technology is cluttered and outdated. Incentives such as gift cards, or Paypal payments are full of friction, fees, and geographic restrictions. Using cryptocurrency is borderless and nearly instant. To date, requesters.instars allows requesters to fund rewards with INSTAR tokens for no fee, or use DAI or EOS tokens for a small fee.

Privacy: It is the year 2020 and privacy is at the forefront of all technology and regulatory environments. At Insights Network, our mission is to provide our users with the highest quality data while preserving their privacy. You never have to worry about your sensitive employee or customer feedback being tracked. We use our in-house engineered one-time pad encryption scheme for all of your data sourced using Insights Network tools. What this means is our organization, nor any third party organization can ever access your data. Many of our competitors advertise resting encryption of your data, however, they still control the encryption keys to your data, and can sift through it at will, while also being vulnerable to a hacker who gains access to the keys.

Get started today by visiting the dashboard and creating an account. Once you're in, go ahead and click on "Survey Your Own Panel" to begin building surveys and collecting rapid feedback from your audience today!

Pricing Chart and Competitors Comparison

With Gratitude,

Team Insights Network

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