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Instars(.com) 2021 Launch đź’«Decentralized Social Networking

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Instars(.com) 2021 Launch đź’«Decentralized Social Networking is proud to announce it's entering the next phase of it's beta, and launching as a feature complete, decentralized social networking platform, with built in ad targeting, survey targeting, polls, verified blockchain wallet accounts, and most importantly, decentralized login management. I plan to livestream from the platform in the coming weeks, where tipping is built into posts, livestreams, and video content are posted to the platform. Each user is verified and has their own feed. The more tokens a user owns and stakes, the more benefits they receive for their contributions to the network.

Since 2017, Insights Network set out on a mission to return control and ownership of data to the users who make the platform what it is. Blockchain technology provided the opportunity for this mission to become a reality, but there were still many privacy concerns that limited the ability to scale this type of new age network. That is where multiparty computation came in. By combining MPC with blockchain, it became possible to allow users to manage/host their encrypted profile value data on their local devices rather than a central server. Smart contracts govern the matches and consensual data exchanges that occur between end users. The system is fully automated. There no longer needs to be an all powerful host that sits in the middle. Most importantly, cryptocurrency allows for payments to occur instantly, without borders, from end user to end user, 24 hours a day. Most blockchains are too slow and expensive to handle this type of application. The INSTAR blockchain does - with instant micropayment capabilities - and zero fees on payments. In a follow on post, I will dive deeper into the technical design of the INSTAR blockchain and how it successfully powers what is one of the world's first decentralized social networks / social data exchanges.

2021 started with a massive censorship purge across all of the big tech platforms. These companies took it upon themselves to play God and decide whose opinions are right, wrong, virtuous, or dangerous. Whether or not you agree with how they've asserted their control over their platforms, the truth is, they are too powerful, and have too much ability to control the narrative. The users that spend half of their day using their platforms, receive none of the revenue the business generates by serving advertisements to them. Sure, there are famous content creators who are making Hollywood movie star money without needing an agent, hosting all of their content from their smart phones. But do these creators really control their own destiny? We've already seen countless examples of de-platforming of A list social media influencers, who overnight go from millions of views, direct lines of communications with their audience / fans, to essentially being banned from the internet. All because someone working in an office at one of the Big Tech companies decided that persons opinion wasn't fit for public consumption.

Being involved in blockchain technology since 2011, I can firmly say that 2021 is the year the technology will begin to majorly disrupt Big Tech and beyond. Financial institutions? They will be disrupted faster than most can fathom. The technology is simply better. The users are in control. The custodians are no longer mandatory, but an option if you want someone to insure your assets beyond holding your own keys. The world has an amazing ability to always find a balance. With the rise of censorship and authoritarianism around the world, we see a counterpunch with the rise of technology that empowers the individual to collectively fight back against the long running establishment. Just look at the recent Wall Street Bets sage, where a group of rebels on the internet decided to go head to head with some of the Wall Street's largest hedge funds, wrecking their irresponsible, unethical, greedy short sale positions. The tides are turning.

The system needs to be balanced. Consider beginning to post your thoughts to decentralized platforms like, earn some cryptocurrency, upload your videos, livestream, tip other creators and receive tips back. You can find me on @brianinstars. I'll be doing a video demo of the platform and explaining how the underlying blockchain technology powers the insights network and

To a disruptive year,

Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder

About INSTAR đź’«

INSTAR is the native cryptocurrency that powers the INSTAR Blockchain. In today’s crypto world, INSTAR is one of the first and only cryptocurrencies with real world token utility and growing adoption. To date, INSTAR has already been paid out to over 200,000 people across 166 countries for consensual data exchange.

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