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Blockchain-Based Data Exchange and Market Research is Here!

Announcing INSTAR Block Producer Elections, Secret State Data Oracles, Atomic Swaps, and the new InstarWallet featuring Survey Your Own…

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Blockchain-Based Data Exchange and Market Research is Here!

Blockchain-Based Data Exchange and Market Research is Here!

The time has finally come! Register your Block Producer today on the INSTAR Blockchain. You can find the history node hosted by Greymass at INSTAR Blockchain is EOS Version 1.8.1 ready. There is currently a proxy server blocking account creation while the Block Producer Network completes onboarding. Message us your desired 12 character EOS name for your BP on Telegram at and then you can regproducer.

Already, several of the leading EOS Community Block Producers such as Team Greymass, EOSAsia, Everipedia, and Decentrabank have registered as Block Producers.

Why should you become an INSTAR Block Producer and join the innovative project known as the Insights Network? Continue reading below to find out more about the amazing progress of the Insights Network since our conceptual launch in 2017!

History and Progress of Insights Network

On a mission to restore data ownership to it’s creators, Insights Network was launched in May, 2017. Internet users should be able to freely navigate the internet in control of their data — who they are — what they’re interested in — and consent to/benefit from when their data is shared and monetized. To date, Insights Network has already paid out over $150,000 USD to data providers across 65 countries.

In September, 2017, Insights Network published the first version of our whitepaper. Notably, our whitepaper clearly detailed how a combination of Secure Multiparty Computation and EOS.IO blockchain technology could work together to create the technical foundation for a global market research network where verified identity is assigned to blockchain accounts, smart contracts can govern who is or isn’t allowed to participate in data exchange, and users can decide when to share their data and for what price.

The original scope to build our data exchange technology on the EOS Main net expanded into developing our own EOS.IO network — the INSTAR Blockchain — to support the user growth of the INSTAR Wallet where users can manage their data locally and exchange it with paying Data Requesters.

Market research reports are produced from the verified Insights Network users participating in these data exchanges. Most recently, The Brookings Institute — one of the worlds most prestigious think tanks — cited our market research report in their article about data ownership.

We are in the final stages of the INSTAR Blockchain; opening account creation for all — enabling voting / staking for Block Producers and community initiatives. We have delivered the entirety of our initial scope detailed in our whitepaper. But that’s not all…For the past year we have been working in stealth with our partners to continue beyond our initial scope and deliver industry disrupting privacy preserving data technology. Internally, we refer to these developments as “Phase 2”.


For the past 18 months, Insights Network has been working with our partners to launch Secret State Data Oracles. Recently, in the blockchain technology industry, Decentralized Data Oracles have been at the top of discussion. We are pleased to announce that during the discussion we were busy buidling and will be launching a live production environment with secret state oracles and atomic swaps by Q4! The top INSTAR Block Producers will be the first to access and work with the Data Oracles codebase and participate in powering these decentralized Oracles and Atomic Swaps!

The first use case Insights Network is debuting with the Oracles is a secret state survey tool for the market research industry to conduct highly sensitive survey sample — where raw data is contained in secret states and only the desired outputs are returned to the surveyor. This innovative tool makes GDPR compliance simple and can scale across enterprise to achieve compliance in areas such as audience visualization, targeted advertising, and more.

Our partners have also leveraged the technology to facilitate cross blockchain transactions, and will be showcasing a bitcoin lightning network competitor that allows for instant transfer of BTC on a second layer at a low cost in addition to confidential BTC transactions for a premium price paid to the Block Producers.


Also launching in this update is Survey Your Own Panel! Simply sign up or log in at, click “create activity”, and then “Survey Your Own Panel”. After creating your survey, use the link generated to send your survey to your audience and collect rapid feedback.

Unlike competitor services, Survey Your Own Panel is designed to collect all of your response data using Insights Network’s encryption technology so that only you can see the types of questions you’re asking and the type of feedback you’re receiving. Private Data Exchange is at the core mission of Insights Network and “SYOP” is a fine showcase of that mission. This tool is free for the next month — please make sure to test it out and give us your feedback!

Insights Network has never been more excited by the developments of our community project as the INSTAR Blockchain Main Network has now launched! We appreciate everyone who’s been with us on our journey and look forward to what comes next. This is just the beginning!


Team Insights

Interested in creating your own blockchain-based surveys? Get started with our Requester Dashboard in minutes.

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Start your cryptocurrency journey on or join the discussion on telegram!

For further information on the Insights Network, use the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Reddit |Earn Tokens


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