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Insights Network Joins in Cayman Islands Tech Talk - Research Cited by Brookings Institute and…

Insights Network’s research remains well-placed to drive on while providing a foundation for users to take control of their data…

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Insights Network Joins in Cayman Islands Tech Talk - Research Cited by Brookings Institute and…
Insights Network Cofounder Darwin Lo joins the panel of a Tech Talk in The Cayman Islands

Insights Network’s research remains well-placed to drive on while providing a foundation for users to take control of their data. Brookings Institute and Cayman Compass have both cited research carried out by Insights Network as part of their data and analytics blog. The articles which can be viewed by clicking the following links- Brookings, Cayman Compass -further solidifies the progress made by the team over the past few months.

With the first round of the token migration completed and the rest of the process going very smoothly, the future looks very bright for everyone related to Insights Network and especially our INSTAR token holders.

Who are Brookings Institute and Why Did They Cite Insights Network Research?

Brookings Institute is an American research group based in Washington. They conduct research and education in a wide variety of fields including but not limited to sciences, economics, governance, metropolitan policy, and foreign policy.

They are widely considered among the most prestigious research groups in the world and has been ranked first on The University of Pennsylvania’s ‘Global Go To Think Tank Index Report’ every year since 2008.

The Economist stated that Brookings is arguably America’s most prestigious think-tank.”

The article in which Brookings cited Insights Network’s research was entitled Why data ownership us the wrong approach to protecting privacy.’

In the article, Brookings argues why individuals owning their data is incorrect, and that data is not a commodity, but rather an information. It states, “any system of information rights — whether patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property, or privacy rights — presents some tension with a strong interest in the free flow of information that is reflected by the First Amendment.”

This view, however, is not reflected by Insights Network- we strongly believe that every user is entitled to full ownership of their data regardless of any outside processes. The survey which Brookings cites also reflects this view held by the team and the participants in which ‘79% of consumers said they each want compensation when their data is shared.’

Regardless of the difference of opinions, to see such a globally-esteemed organization cite Insights Network’s research is tremendously gratifying and further provides credence and excitement to continue with our work and goal of allowing users to be in full control of their data.

Insights Network Invited to Host a Tech Talk in The Cayman Islands

The live series of monthly tech talks are held by the Cayman Tech City, as part of a special economic zone instituted by the Cayman Enterprise City.

The talks and discussions will encourage knowledge-sharing while attempting to answer some of the more difficult industry-trends and contribute to a more immersive technological ecosystem in the Cayman Islands.

Our co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Darwin Lo, lead a discussion addressing Facebook’s plan to launch their own cryptocurrency called Project Libra.

Darwin stated, “It is through the interaction of people with different strengths that a positive feedback loop is formed — a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts. I’m excited to kick things off and see how others in the industry are reacting to Facebook’s recent announcement.”

With Insights Network’s research beginning to gain traction among the top-tier organizations and the continued development of our existing ecosystem, times are really exciting for our great community of supporters. With more partnerships and future announcements on the horizon, the time has never been better to be involved with Insights Network!

To the next level,

Team Insights

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